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Cycling with Jay

- La Noe Besniard -  Bed & Breakfast -

road bike cycling holidays



Experience a bespoke road-bike cycling holiday

A unique opportunity to cycle and explore the French countryside  with  Jay, a passionate sportsman and cyclist.

The quality of the roads in our rural part of France, are well maintained offering a variety of routes that will be tailored to meet your individual requirements. The biggest challenge while cycling is resisting the urge to stop frequently in one of the places France has an abundance of..... Boulangeries!!!! 

You  can find us only a few  meters  away  from La Véloscénie route Paris-Mont Saint Michel 

Jay will design the routes to suit your training needs taking into account distance, incline and weather conditions. He will cycle with you sharing his knowledge of the area, places of interest and important coffee and pastry breaks.

Situated in West Normandy countryside, with picturesque and idyllic villages, our house is a traditional converted barn that you will be sharing with us. We offer two comfortable bedrooms, living space that is perfect for some relaxing time after adventuring in the day. When the summer months are warm, there is outdoor seating in our two acres of land, where you can watch the sunset and enjoy a dinner whilst being fully immerse in nature.

Outdoor activities carry risks, and you may be exposed to dangerous situations as part of this experience. Make sure you can participate safely given your abilities and the conditions (such as location, weather, and equipment).


About Us

Jason Oliver


My friends and family call me Jay.


I live with my partner, Paola, in Lignières-Orgères in Mayenne - north-west of France.

I moved here from the UK in September 2017 after buying our house in the middle of the countryside.

I started renovating the house while all the services were still being connected.

I love the outdoors because it gives me the chance to stay in shape. I am an avid runner, having run several races from half to the full marathon. I enjoy cycling, especially here in France because the roads are absolutely beautiful and above all safe.


In the UK, I worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years caring for the elderly with Alzheimer's and Dementia.


Our  move to France allowed us to focus on our sporting passion and at the same time share it with fellows enthusiasts and develop our projects and ideas.


Paola Smaldore

I am originally from Italy and I moved to the UK in 1994 to learn English.

In 1995, I started working for a world class company where I built a 23 year career.

At the same time I pursued my passion in sport. I started running at the end of 2010 and finished several races, half and full marathons as well as an ultra race.

I have also always been interested in learning how to improve performance through nutrition. So I took several courses on health, exercise and nutrition.

I then graduated as Personal Trainer and worked in a gym for three years.

In 2016/17, I obtained a diploma in sports massage therapy followed by five months of experience in a back pain clinic in the UK.


At the end of 2018, I moved to France with Jay to start a new life and a new project.

I love to cook and entertain others with homemade dishes and fresh produce from our vegetable patch.

Jay and Paola will be happy to welcoming you in their home together with Bobby & Gino the cats, Rusty the dog and Charlie's Angels, Nora, Dora, Lora and Little Chick the chickens



We have two double bedrooms for our cycling guests. They are in our home, traditionally decorated. Guests have access to the bathroom with a bath tub and an over shower.



Cycling Experience


Jay's cycling holiday experiences are designed  for road bike cyclists who want to combine training with beautiful roads and countryside. Jay will be cycling with you to share his knowledge of the surroundings and will plan the days taking into account weather conditions and training abilities/requirements.

Specific Requirements
If you have any particular needs/requirements (food, travel, allergies etc) please let us know so we will do our best to accommodate/make adjustments.


If you arrive by car with your bikes your cycling routes will be designed in the departments of Mayenne and Orne stopping for coffee or lunch in beautiful villages.

Alternatively if you don't have a car and you arrive at Caen Harbour, Jay will be happy to meet you there and cycle with you on the first day. Please call us or mails us to discuss what will work best for you.



The house is set in 2 acre of land.

We grow our own vegetables and have hens for daily fresh eggs.

Free Wifi


We have Wi-Fi in the house


€ 7.00 pp

English breakfast  (our chickens fresh eggs, sausage, bacon - beans and toast)

French style breakfast (buffet of local pastries, breads and jams and cereals).

Coffee, Tea and fruit juice 

Evening Meal

€ 19.50 pp

Jay and Paola will be happy if you would like to join them for the evening meal. Paola loves cooking fresh pastas, pizzas and homemade dishes using her own grown produce, when she can>             The meal will include starter, main course and dessert (alcohol not included) 





La Véloscénie

Paris – Mont St-Michel by bike


450 km cycle route that crosses such gorgeous areas as the Chevreuse Valley, the Perche, French Maine and the Bocage Normand. If you are cycling along this route and fancy a stop over feel free to get in touch with Jay and Paola.



We are surrounded by beautiful countrysides and forests for walks that allow you to immerse yourself in nature

Cultural Sites


We are in Mayenne on the outskirts of a village called Lignières-Orgères, less than one hour away from Château de la Motte-Husson in Martigné-sur-Mayenne (featured on Escape to the Château) 

The Château of Carrouges is just 5km from our house. The castle was built in the 14th century and can be visited for a small fee.                    Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, Saint-Léonard-des-Bois, Lassay-les-Châteaux and Sainte-Suzanne are just a few picturesque and beautiful villages to visit 


Jay and Paola would love to hear your feedback!

Please send us your review via email


Terms & Conditions

Booking is confirmed when 30% payment has been received by the host - Please email Jay for details.


You can receive a full refund if you cancel at least 30 days before the holiday is scheduled to start, or within 24 hours of purchase.


You can reschedule the date or time of your experience (or add or remove guests) up to 7 days before the experience is scheduled to start. 

If you reschedule an experience, the cancellation policy is based on the original purchase time and original start date of the experience.

Cancellations due to weather

If weather creates a safety concern, either before or during the experience, the host may cancel the experience. If this happens, you will be fully refunded.

Cancellations due to an emergency

if you need to cancel due to an emergency we may ask you to provide documentation.

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